Questions and Answers

Are subscription products discounted?

Subscription products are discounted from RRP. Prices are subject to change at any point, however the price to be paid will be stated on your order confirmation prior to dispatch.

What happens when my subscription renews?

You will be notified 30 days prior to a subscription renewing. This notification will be sent automatically via email to the address associated with the account. Ensure your account details, including email address, is always kept up-to-date.

Can I set the delivery dates?

The pre-set delivery intervals have been selected based on our understanding of associated guidance, customers purchasing habits, and the typical usage recommended for each item. On the right hand side of a product display it will state the delivery interval i.e. Quarterly / Annually etc.

How often will I receive an invoice?

Payment for subscription products is required prior to dispatch. A paid invoice will be issued once goods are dispatched.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. As per the terms and conditions for subscriptions, should you wish to cancel within the subscription period, you agree to pay the difference between the subscription price and the current RRP for items that have already been dispatched to you. A subscription period is defined as a continuous 12 months from date of initial subscription creation, and subsequent renewal of that subscription. 30 days prior to a subscription renewing, you will receive notification via email. You can cancel during this 30 day period without incurring any additional charges. Additional charges will apply once the renew has been processed. To discuss cancelling your subscription please email: [email protected], along with your subscription number.

My payment has declined

If for any reason your payment on the subscription is declined/failed, for example the card has expired, an email will be sent to the subscription account holder notifying them that the order is on hold. You can login to your account at any point and update the card details, or account details.